Hi, I’m Sarah. I live in Chicago with a guy named Niles and some cats. I do a lot of things, like design stuff, draw things, play the accordion, and make comic books.

I have believed I was overweight since, well, pretty much since I learned what the word “overweight” meant – whether I actually was overweight or not didn’t seem to make a difference. As I write this, I’m 5’5″ and I weigh 195. I get a lot of exercise – I bike to work almost every day, and it’s a 7.5 mile commute, so in a normal week I bike at least 75 miles. I also take yoga classes, I play Just Dance on the Wii, and I used to be in flamenco dance classes as well. I don’t have a car, so if I’m not biking somewhere, I’m walking there.

I also really, really love food. And alcohol. And I have a lot of friends whose business it is to make great food and great alcohol, so I have easy access to both.

I have a few personal goals for this little project here. First and foremost is to find a way to stop hating myself so much. I know I have some pretty unhealthy ingrained ideas when it comes to self-image, and I had them when I was a size 7, and I know people who are a size 3 who have them too, so I’m pretty sure it’s not about what size I actually am.

Second priority here is to get to a better awareness of what I’m eating and WHY I’m eating it. I do a lot of anxiety and stress-eating, like I expect food to fill some existential void, and it never does. I know my diet isn’t hugely unhealthy, especially by modern American standards, but I also know I could eat healthier than I do.

Third priority is, like with any diary comic, just to keep motivated to draw something everyday.

Anyway. So you know, I make a lot of other kinds of comics, too. I don’t really think about food and my weight every minute of the day. Not even most minutes! Most minutes I am either thinking about kittens or video games.