So I put together a little map for everyone traveling to Chicago for CAKE! Chicago is a city of awesome little neighborhoods, and it’s pretty easy to get around town on the train. Here’s a guide to some of my favorite places to eat and drink in this city. I’ve also included some of our best must-see comic book shops! They’re definitely worth a visit, and they might even be interested in buying some of your books.

A caveat: I could never list every awesome place to eat in Chicago. I’ve restricted this list to a) places that I can personally vouch for, b) are within walking distance of a train stop, and c) are in neighborhoods that I’m familiar with, and even then I ended up leaving out a lot of awesome places. There are large parts of the city that I don’t know much about; which is why there aren’t any restaurants listed for the south or west sides, or for downtown or the west or south loop. This is a work in progress; I have a few more things I want to add, but if you have suggestions or recommendations, feel free to leave a comment!

Also: if you’re vegetarian or vegan, I’ve noted a few places that are exceptional in their vegetarian and vegan options. Chicago definitely loves meat, but almost every restaurant has at least a handful of good vegetarian dishes on the menu.

NOTE!! The Granville stop is closed this weekend!! Sorry guys, I hope that doesn’t throw anyone off too much. You can still get to Granville stuff from the Thorndale stop.

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