So I have this large, multi-layer bento box that my sister gave me. It’s way too big for one person, so I rarely get to use it. But when Corinne asked me to share her table at Chicago Zine Fest this past weekend, I suddenly realized I had an opportunity. We had a convention in OUR OWN CITY, which meant I could pack a lunch made from ingredients in my own kitchen. I was definitely more excited about packing a lunch for the two of us than I was for the comics, and I am a pretty big fan of comics.

Usually at conventions we’re held a little bit hostage by what’s available, food-wise. Either there’s just junk food kiosks at the convention hall itself, or a handful of restaurants in walking distance of the center, if you know where to look. But finally, we had the luxury of packing our own lunch. I had an eel filet in the freezer, so we did brown rice maki with unagi and avocado, and it was just as delicious as it sounds. Do you know, all the recipe books say you have to let the rice cool at room temperature, and warn you against refrigerating it? I actually made this rice a week ago, coated it with the sushi vinegar and stuck it in the fridge, and it worked JUST FINE. So take that, sushi recipe books! I ain’t a part of your system!

In other news, I’m trying something new with the food diary this week, and we shall see where it leads us. Stay tuned!