So, I was going to try a thing, to shake things up a little with the food diary bits. It’s not that I don’t WANT to put the food diary back into the comics (well, a piece of me likes the extra space I have to draw now, but still), it’s that I can’t figure out a graceful way to do it. :) If I post a comic now on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, by necessity it’ll be a comic that I do on Sunday night, Tuesday night, and Thursday night. So that would be the food involved, Monday’s comic would have Sunday’s food. And then instead of having Fri-Sat-Sun orphaned conveniently together like they were before, I have Monday, Wednesday, and Friday/Saturday orphaned, and I just can’t figure out a clever and graceful way to … I’m not making any sense, am I? :)

Well, initially I was thinking hey guys, it’s my comic and I can do what I want, but Tony’s and AnthroK8’s comments gave me pause. It was kind of neat to have that day’s food paired with a comic about what happened that day, wasn’t it? For my own reasons, the food diary part is less important to me now, but it wasreally neat to explore that relationship, to see how the food affected what went down that day. I think I can figure out a way to get that back, without me having to give up any real estate on the page, and without having any sad little food diary orphans.

While I work on that, it is also kind of fun to see a whole (almost whole) week’s worth of food on a page, isn’t it? It’s a different sort of perspective.

Also! I am starting to gather files and get quotes to see about publishing a first-year Sauceome book! It will most likely be funded by a Kickstarter, unless any of you know any nice publishers that would like to pick it up. I’m thinking up fun rewards for Kickstarter donation levels right now; original pages, custom sketches, maybe even a painting of the food of your choice for the higher level contributors. Do you guys have any suggestions?