So, a few other tips! This works best if your egg isn’t super cold. Take it out of the fridge first and let it rest at room temperature for a few minutes if you can. You can poach an egg right out of the fridge, but you might want to leave it in the water for an extra minute or two. Also, don’t let the water get too hot – I usually let it come to a boil and turn it down a bit before dropping the egg in. Also, any kind of white vinegar will work; I usually use sushi vinegar, because that’s always in the fridge. Tonight, I put my poached egg on top of a salad of greens, blue cheese crumbles, and some grilled mushrooms and onions, and it was delicious! Seriously, I cleaned my plate. Even I was surprised at me.

I love poached eggs. I have actually been making them a long time, long before I knew how to do it properly. I’m actually pretty good at making eggs benedict, but Niles isn’t a fan of eggs, and it’s a pretty labor-intensive dish to make for oneself, so I haven’t done that in a long while. Plus, I can’t bear to waste anything, so since the hollandaise only uses egg yolks, and I’m left with a bunch of egg whites, making myself eggs benedict also means I’m probably going to end up making meringue cookies. Not the worst fate in the world, but it does kind of double the work load.