My beloved Small Bar: we often refer to them as “the living room”. I love them, but we are there very often, and the menu can get kind of old. Fortunately the specials menu changes up a lot, and is usually pretty interesting and creative. Tonight, of the four of us dining, three of us got the special “Borracho Burger”. We were sitting at the bar, and I could watch the cook making it. While the burger was on the grill, and the cheese was melting on top, he took a bottle of tequila and drizzled generous amounts over the patties, coaxing some pretty big flames up from underneath. It was delicious! Guacamole, melted chihuahua cheese, an enormous pile of pico de gallo, a slice of lime – it was just tart enough, just spicy enough, just savory enough. An excellent burger!

Sorry for the Simpsons reference. There are some words I can’t see without a Simpsons quote popping into the brainspace.

Hey, how are we liking the new format? Does the food diary part get lost, or is it okay? Should I wait and post the whole week of food in one entry? Be honest, I can take it. :)