Oh, Law & Order SVU. I actually did sit there on the couch arguing with Niles that none of the photos of the corpses of the assaulted and murdered women in this episode were fat. But I’m not even sure that it was the Queens victim that they meant when the episode said “fat”, she certainly didn’t even look “tv fat” to me at the time. All of those corpses were extremely attractive! Ok, it probably didn’t go that far.

Still. Maybe, just maybe, this is one of those things that makes us hate ourselves so much, this idea of “tv fat”. If that’s what qualifies as unattractive in tv land – a land that, let’s face it, 99% of us tune in to on a regular basis – what chance have the rest of us got? Measured against the bodies (no pun intended) we see every minute of every day, everywhere around us, how do I avoid comparing myself, and finding myself wanting?