I was biking to work one morning this week, and I passed a mom walking to school with her two daughters. Both daughters were wearing t-shirts, jeans and brightly colored tu-tus, and they were skipping along so happily, almost giddily, that I almost laughed out loud. “It’s too bad we can’t really wear whatever we want as we get older,” I thought to myself, before I realized that I actually have the kind of job where I can pretty much wear whatever I want. I mean, all week I’ve been wearing brightly colored frilly dresses over jeans or purple corduroys. So the lesson to take away from all of this, besides the fact that I’m mildly superstitious, is that I dress like a six-year-old most days.

To be fair, the weather’s actually been pretty springy here in Chicago the past few days. I could let my wardrobe take credit for it, but I imagine the prevailing air currents and the tilt of the earth’s axis played a small role as well.

NOTE! If anyone wants to know, I got the “I’m drunk” bee shirt from the amazing Joey Allison Sayers at a convention. It is just as awesome in person.