Well, I certainly feel better about my choices this week than I did last week. I know I’ve done well when it takes me a long time to color one of these pages, because that means I ate a decent variety of greens and veggies and other fun things. I’ve also managed to have a lot of sushi for some reason, that’s always good. My stomach’s been hurting all day today, though, and I am wondering if it was last night’s omelette. Eggs never used to bother me, but I also used to eat them a lot more. Niles doesn’t like eggs, so I just don’t make them very often. It’s funny, those things. Cheese and milk never used to bother me before either, but if I have a large amount of it – say, some pizza with some milk stouts – I pay for that these days too.

Anyway. Not bad! Also, had the second day of c25k tonight, and it was – dare I say – easier than the first. I think I’m going to like this jogging thing.