Niles and I tried out brunch at Owen & Engine this past Saturday, and were very pleasantly surprised. I (obviously) had their benedict, which was made with fried eggs, not poached; peppered and laid over house-made rashers, on top of crumpets. The texture of the crumpets was so ideal that I found myself thinking, every other benedict I have ever had seems really dry in comparison. Niles had some bangers and mash (the bangers are also made on-site) and he was really happy too.

We spent some time talking about how great this trend is – places like Revolution, Longman & Eagle, Owen & Engine – places that take great care in where they get their ingredients, and in how they prepare their food, but places that are also completely, utterly unpretentious. Places that you can comfortably go in jeans, and talk about tasty food and craft beers with strangers.

(Speaking of, our waiter turned out to be a pretty amazingly cool and friendly guy, and WHAAAAT, he LIVES IN OUR BUILDING. Hooray new friends!)

Other things to hooray about : Niles’s mom sent me a Donburi cookbook and an Oishinbo book for my birthday! My head is already full of the foods they talk about in the Oishinbo book, and I can’t wait to try out some of the donburi recipes. If I have any extra time this weekend, I’ll be working on a few of those!