So I had my physical today. It was even the lady-type of physical, with lots of uncomfy pokings and proddings, and still the most unpleasant part of it was the 3 seconds I spent on the scale. I know, I know, it’s just a number, I know, all scales are different… Still, it’s amazing how disheartening it can be. Losing 6 pounds and then seeing them all come back is somehow worse than not losing them in the first place. All sorts of dark and horrible thoughts come calling.

BUT, so you know, I had a nice pep talk from Kristin and another one from Dr. L, and I promise I’m feeling much better than today’s page would have you think. I suppose the disadvantage of this system is that by the time I finish drawing and uploading a day’s page, I’ve pretty much already worked through whatever the page was about. :)

ALSO. Apparently my doctor’s office is having their own little biggest loser-style weight loss contest. The staff there weigh in on Fridays (and they know about this website now, hello ladies!), so I think I’ll show a little solidarity and weigh myself on Fridays too.