The day after the wedding, I overheard my mom talking to a relative about the bridesmaid dresses. Beckie, our youngest sister, was 7 months pregnant for the wedding, and she wore a modified maternity version of the bridesmaid dress. Apparently, a few days before she had told my mom that she knew MC was worried that she had gained some weight before the wedding, and that maybe she (Beckie) was able to make MC feel better about herself, since Beckie thought she was so enormous in her maternity dress.


MC and Beckie, I don’t know if you read this comic regularly or at all, but seriously, cut it out. You are both such lovely, amazing ladies, and you were both GORGEOUS at the wedding. MC’s dress was honestly a work of art, long and brocade and classy, and she looked like a million dollars in it. Beckie’s dress, of course, had to make room for Cecilia (who is due in May), but she was lovely and radiant and the chocolate brown of the dress made her skin glow.

And of course I have been worried about the pictures, will I hate the pictures? I felt like I looked good in the dress, but will the pictures make me hate it? But our older brother already posted a few to facebook. And I don’t hate them. Check out this one of me and Beckie. Isn’t she gorgeous?

And look at MC with our parents. She looks like an angel.

So I’m just saying, it’s time to cut this crap out. YOU ARE LOVELY. YOU ARE GORGEOUS. The evidence is right here in front of you.