So, in Shin Megami Tensei Persona 4 – have I mentioned this game before, my favoritest video game of all video games ever? In Persona 4, your best friend is a guy named Yosuke Hanamura. Some of the other game characters refer to him affectionately as “Hana-chan”, which is all I could think of when Tonya suggested we try this place Hana.

Hana is just a little hole in the wall sushi restaurant in Rogers Park, but it was delightful and delicious. I think we were their first customers of the day, because when we walked in, the place was empty but for three middle aged Japanese ladies chatting at a table. They immediately got up, bowed, and two of them vanished into the kitchen (which was behind the most adorable little fake-tea-house facade), and the third one brought us menus. I realized, sitting there, that I don’t know that I’ve ever been to a sushi restaurant that didn’t have male chefs. From what I could tell, these three ladies ran everything, and boy did they run it well.

Granted, I was really hungry, but the miso soup was divine, just the perfect combo of warm and salty and comforting. Their tamago was expertly done, and the california rolls were very well made. The spicy tuna roll was AMAZING, though. I don’t really know how to describe it. The tuna was prepared in such a way that the texture was kind of like a hamachi roll, soft and chopped but lightly textured. The spicy mayo was infused into the fish itself rather than drizzled over the sushi separately, and there were tiny chunks of jalapeno in the roll that gave it a noticeably distinctive crunch. And the whole thing was rolled in a generous coating of masago. I am so happy to have found a good, casual little sushi joint so close to the office.

So guys. We leave tomorrow for my sister’s wedding! I’ll be gone for a while, and I’ll be drawing the whole time, but I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to post anything until I get back. While I’m gone, keep an eye on my flickr stream, and my Twitter, I’ll definitely be posting what I can to both of those. I’ll see you when I get back!