It’s actually very difficult to hug a bicycle, but don’t think I haven’t tried. I’ve been on my bike two days now, and it feel so good. I didn’t realize how much my legs missed the exercise. The wind’s been kind of annoying the last few days – ok, really annoying at times, but I don’t care, even when it’s at its hardest it feels so good. I’ve really missed the rush of endorphins in the morning too, my mood has brightened considerably.

I’ve now filled THREE giant sketchbooks with Sauceome comics. I bought #4 on my way home tonight!

I’ve actually been crazy productive lately. Maybe a little TOO productive. This trip for my sister’s wedding will be a welcome forced-separation from computers and clients and things. I launched two websites this week! I’m getting pretty good at building wordpress sites, if anyone wants one. And I finished a new comic this past week too, would you like to read it? As you might have guessed from reading Sauceome, comics make for some really good psychotherapy.