Hey, did you know, it’s almost a year now that I’ve been doing Sauceome!

Initially I was thinking that I’d quit doing Sauceome after a year had gone by, but I feel like I’ve learned so much, and probably have so much more left to learn, so I’m definitely going to keep going. But I’d like to cut back just a little, maybe do three comics a week instead of five, so I have some more time to work on other comics as well. My main question for you guys: if I go to three days a week, would you still be at all interested in the food diary parts? I mean, I would probably still keep track of everything I eat just for myself, because it seems like a good habit, but is it at all interesting to you? Or would you rather just see a full page of comic/recipe/food illustration, Monday/Wednesday/Friday?

PS: I promise I’m looking into getting prints of some of the comics you’ve asked for, and I’m definitely going to be looking into doing a book of the first year’s worth of comics. Keep an eye out, I might be needing your help with a Kickstarter or something to fund it. :)