So, for someone who loves duck as much as I do, I can’t believe that I’ve never had proper Peking Duck before. We went to Sun Wah for lunch today, and had every piece of the tastiest, most succulent duck I have ever had. First, they carved the duck for us at the table, setting out slices of breast and the legs and wings with steamed Chinese pancakes, daikon radishes, carrots, and green onions with a sweet plum sauce, so we could assemble perfect little duck sandwiches. This might have been my favorite part, although the rest of it wasn’t too shabby either. A few minutes later they came out with a plate of duck fried rice, made from the rest of the meat left over after the carving, and a few minutes after THAT they came back with a bowl of soup made from the bones of the duck! It was an insane amount of food, even split between four people. Who knew you could get such a feast out of one tiny duck?

Also: Hot & Sour soup is excellent for sad coughy throats. So, of course, is duck soup, and also black tea, so my poor beleaguered respiratory system was happy to eat here for lunch too.

(Speaking of which: my fortune cookie said “Accept something you cannot change, and you will feel better.” I chose to read it in the context of this lingering cold virus. Ancient Chinese medicine! Accept something that you cannot change, and YOUR LUNGS WILL BE PURGED OF THE RHINOVIRUS. Now I just have to find something I can’t change and accept the hell out of it.)

I actually had a completely different comic in my mind earlier today before my taste buds were hijacked by Sun Wah and their magnificent duckery, so I will save that one for tomorrow.

In other news, this evening our fridge contained not only taco SHRIMP, but taco TILAPIA and also taco MAHI MAHI. So many taco flavored sea creatures to choose from! I picked tilapia, and was not disappointed.