As it turns out, if you don’t take care of yourself, YOU CAN GET SICK. This is a serious scientific discovery, guys. We should alert the authorities.

Quite seriously though, it does seem to be one of those stupid little common sense things that I never seem to properly grasp. If you eat well, get plenty of sleep, don’t drink to excess, your immune system is stronger. It’s so SIMPLE.

When I get sick though, it’s always amazing to me how little appetite I have. We got lunch from La Cazuela, you guys know how much I love their shrimp tacos, and their guacamole is amazing. They even made us chicken soup this time. It was great – and I couldn’t stomach more than a few bites of any of it. I picked all of the shrimp out of the tacos and barely touched the tortillas. After (yet one more) exceedingly long work day, I came home and ate 6 cold raviolis without even warming them up or putting some sauce on them, and it almost felt like an effort to eat that much.

I guess a stopped up nose means a dulled sense of taste, or something. Either way, I’m always happy when my appetite returns. I guess it would be more convenient to my weight loss plans if food didn’t bring me such joy, but I prefer a life where food brings me joy.