Ok! Sorry once again for the posting lag. Between multiple 13 hour work days and succumbing to another cold, it’s been hard to stay on top of this. I was feeling so cruddy Sunday night I couldn’t even summon the energy to finish this one, and the weekend ones are always easy.

Anyway, I’m feeling better now, and catching up. Saturday involved two very strong, very good, very stress-induced manhattan cocktails on an empty stomach, which probably contributed to catching this cold. The thing about me and whiskey (bourbon, scotch, whatever) is that once I have a little, it impairs my ability to make wise decisions, and I do dumb things like have ANOTHER manhattan, and then I go and find my boyfriend and have a beer or two as well. This is why we never have whiskey in the house.

Also, I have consumed a lot of taco-seasoned shrimp lately.