I got a new coat! I got tired of apologizing to everyone for how ugly my yellow coat is. If I ever get to bike again, I will have to wear Ol’ Yeller, but in the meantime I am consoling my bus-bound self with a new coat. It is soft and comfy and feminine (and by the gods I actually could have ordered a size smaller, imagine that) and it makes me feel pretty awesome. The New Coat Awesomes, plus some very nice comments and emails I’ve gotten lately (you guys are so great) have been making me think lately about how much time I wasted feeling like I didn’t deserve to wear nice clothes, much less feel like I looked cute in them. I feel pretty awesome in this coat. Everyone deserves to feel this awesome in something. EVERYONE. Take some time to think about that – I mean yes, of course we all agree on principle that everyone deserves to feel this great. But there’s a difference between saying yes yes, we all deserve to feel beautiful and actually, for reals, believing that YOU deserve to feel beautiful.

Anyway, if I may take a moment to hype my boyfriend, he bought me more taco shrimp, and a 20 oz Lagunitas Cappuccino Stout (man I’m going to be sad when it goes out of season again) AAAAAND JUST DANCE 2. Which I will be playing in place of being able to bike, now that my city is covered in a thin layer of ice.