So Urban Belly has this soup, this amazing soup full of shrimp and udon noodles and veggies, and just enough chilis to open up your sinuses. I crave it on cold nights. The clouds have been spitting mean little ice pellets at us all day, and to make matters worse I’ve been coughing and hacking all day long. My throat wanted this soup tonight. My throat wanted it badly enough that I got off the bus early to pick it up, and walked home A MILE in the ice with it. Fortunately it was still pretty hot when I got home. And doubly fortunately, I managed to only eat HALF of it, so I can warm up the other half for lunch tomorrow, because I’m pretty sure I’m still going to be coughing, and thus still craving this soup.

Last year I spent a bunch of months trying to figure out how to replicate this soup, actually. I never succeeded, at least not to my satisfaction. Anyone have any recipes for a Thai style chili/lime/shrimp/cilantro/udon soup for me to try? :)