1) The oranges are so good. And almost gone. We got two boxes with lots of oranges with them and we’ve torn through them at a record rate. :)

2) I might not get to bike for another few weeks, since it’s supposed to snow tonight. Between all the snow and ice and getting sick over New Year’s, I’ve really missed being able to bike. It’s amazing how quickly I’ve gotten out of shape for it, too; just a few weeks and my bike commute is perceivably harder. But the winds were calm today, the streets were dry, and the motorists weren’t too insane, and it was really nice to bike to and from the office.

3) The inaugural meeting of the – well, we briefly considered calling it the Awesome Ladies Kickass Yoga club, which would spell “Alky”, but if you amend it to Kickass Ladies Awesome Workout club, then it’s KLAW, which I think was the winner. Anyway the inaugural meeting was tonight. My yoga teacher put my classes on hiatus, and since Randi lives around the corner and we’ve both been talking about doing yoga, we figured why not just do it in our houses? It was a pretty light workout for our first time, but it was nice and calming, and fun to listen to music and chat a little while we were doing yoga. We might expand the club to include some “Just Dance” videogaming, as soon as I purchase a copy of Just Dance.

4) I’m still not tired of this salad. We got another squash in our CSA last week, so I chopped it on Sunday and roasted it in the oven with a little truffle oil, a few cloves of sliced garlic, some chopped red onions, and some cardamom and black pepper. It’s especially good over spinach, and I think I’ll have it for lunch again tomorrow. :)