So I was probably overly cautious with my measurements when I ordered this dress, but it’s still a nice thing to know it needs to be taken in, and not let out. First though, I need to go find a strapless bra. I have never had good luck with them, but I am FINALLY going to a nice boutique to get properly fitted, and I’m sure they’ll have something that fits and is also decently supportive, right? So, bra first, then alteration. Guys, my to-do list is so crazy long right now that I can only think of the next one or two in front of me without getting stressed out.

(One of the more pressing things on the list is dropping off artwork at Las Manos Gallery in Andersonville for this group show. I’m in it! I’ll have a handful of framed original inked pages, a few of them from Sauceome! Wanna come to the opening? You should totally come. I will be sad if you’re not there.)

So! Dress! Honestly, I’m still not thrilled about this whole get-up-in-front-of-people thing, especially not in a fancy dress. I’m not great at girly things. For instance, I don’t have any brown shoes. Oh crap, that’s another thing to add to the list, buy some shoes for this thing. Anyway, I’m not crazy about being a bridesmaid, still kind of dreading all of the photos that are going to be taken, but it feels like a residual dread, almost a habitual dread, like this is what I’m used to feeling, and maybe not what I’m actually feeling. Does that make any sense? Bah, whatever. I actually really like the dress. I’ll do something cool with my hair, I’ll find some nice shoes that don’t hurt too bad, and it’ll be a really fun wedding.