Happy new year!! I’m sick.

Niles came down with something on Thursday, and because I didn’t make him sleep outside and still insisted on high-risk behaviors like hugging him and sitting near him, I contracted whatever it was too. I started feeling it late Friday night, and I was completely useless Saturday and Sunday. I’m still under the weather now, but at least the sore throat is gone. That’s the worst part – when it hurts to talk, and to eat, because those are two of my favorite things. Sunday was spent drifting in and out of consciousness on the couch during a conveniently timed Law & Order SVU marathon. So the weekend was a colorful one, with us scientifically testing the limits of vitamin C our bodies could tolerate. Tried to burn it out with some chili on Saturday, but it didn’t really work.

I am feeling better, though, and I have a feeling it will be mostly gone by Tuesday, so we’ll get back to business as usual then.