My body has gotten pretty used to having a 45 minute bike ride every morning. I’ll bike all winter as long as the roads are clear, but in Chicago the roads aren’t always clear. Two winters ago I went almost the entire month of December without being able to bike at all, because it was snowing every three days. If I didn’t have such a long ride, I’d probably be more willing to risk biking more often. I’m still not sure it’s a good idea to bike tomorrow, but it’s been so many days that my legs kind of ache, and my mood is definitely suffering. You don’t realize how dependent you are on those endorphins until you stop getting them.

I used to have Dance Dance Revolution games to get me through the winter months. We don’t really have room for exercise equipment, but I can stash a dance pad away pretty easily. And DDR never feels like exercise, just like a fun game. But we upgraded to a PS3, and my dance pads won’t plug in to it. It’s just a matter of deciding if I want DDR for the Wii (or “Just Dance” or whatever else) or for the PS3, eventually I’ll get off my butt and go buy it. In the meantime, if the weather holds, the roads should be clear enough for me to bike for the rest of the week at least. Maybe tomorrow’s comic will be about how I gear up for a winter bike ride? :)

In other news, I FINALLY satisfied my craving for dolsot bibimbap. I’ve been thinking about that for weeks now. So good on a cold day. And I managed to only have two pieces of fudge! Tomorrow, I will have only one.