That Little Mexican Cafe makes a mean margarita. Today I learned they also make a mean salad.

So it’s the end of the year, right, a time when people are thinking about resolutions and stuff, making positive changes for the future. I’m still kind of pondering how far I’ve come in the past year… going from choosing chicken sandwiches over burgers, wraps over sandwiches, and then salads over wraps. Small, sustainable changes. I still have a long way to go. I still, for instance, have a hard time not eating all of the chocolate and Christmas candies in front of me, instead of having one piece and moving on with my life. But if you get a little bit better every day, after a while that adds up to quite a lot.

The fudge came from Niles’s mom, and it’s delicious, and tomorrow I will have only two pieces instead of three. She also sent a huge amount of oranges from her backyard, I look forward to that every Christmas! Speaking of Christmas presents, my brother and his wife are in Wales (she’s British) and they’ve sent us three packets of “crisps” that claim they are “pickled onion” flavor. I am afraid.