Well. I am pretty sure I have forgotten at least one beer on Christmas night, and I’m not too pleased with the number of ginger cookies and chocolates I’ve been knocking back lately, but it’s the holidays, right? I managed to get in a tasty sweet potato soup and my new favorite spinach salad this weekend. Actually, thanks to a couple of giant bags of fresh spinach, I have eaten a lot of spinach in the past week or so. That counts for something, right?

Our Christmas night was a lot of fun, actually; video games and beers and just whatever we felt like cooking. I had been craving quiche for a while, and Marianna and Dave made biscuits and gravy, which I hadn’t had in I can’t remember how long. Randi and Scott’s bacon galette might have been the standout though. :)

Hey, I did a guest comic for Liz Baillie’s amazing Freewheel this week. I have toyed with the idea of opening up Sauceome to guest comics for a week. Would anyone be interested, if I did that?

PS: Niles got me a Harvest Moon video game for Christmas. I can already tell I’m going to be addicted. If I do get a week off Sauceome with some guest comics, I’m just gonna spend the time farming and trying to decide which of the village ladies to woo.