So, at first I felt weird doing a page about eating better when my bosses took me out to lunch at a pub and I had a turkey burger and fries and two beers. But then I realized, no, maybe this is perfect. For me, eating better is about creating lasting, sustainable change. I know that if I feel like I’m depriving myself I won’t last two days. But if I just start making small changes here and there, tiny but PERMANENT changes, I know I’ll be able to keep it up.

So yes, for me, eating better doesn’t mean I have to turn down lunch with my bosses – or have the house salad instead of a turkey burger (with avocado and bacon, it was really delicious). I can go out, have a good time, not really worry about having two beers, and then just take it a little easier the rest of the day.

Speaking of which, that dinner salad is my new favorite creation. It’s inspired by a recipe my mother said she tried. I skinned, and cubed an acorn squash this weekend, and roasted the cubes up with some sliced garlic and spices and truffle oil, and put the roasted cubes in a tupperware. We bought some spinach from the farmers market, and Niles had gotten me some blue cheese crumbles – the sweet from the roasted and carmelized squash and garlic plus the sharp tang of the blue cheese equals a billion awesomes in your mouth. I highly recommend it. I am toying with a few additions that I think might make it even better – some diced red onion, some walnuts, maybe some portobello mushrooms? I don’t want to add too much, it’s really kind of perfect right now.

Oh if you do it at home though, I don’t recommend doing it with acorn squash. It’s delicious, but it’s a beast to skin around those bumpy ridges.