So, apparently I don’t deal with these small tragedies well. I left work a little early yesterday, determined to enjoy the gusty tailwind that was going to blow my bike home, maybe go to Best Buy and get a new router, and make myself a tasty, healthy salady thing for dinner. About halfway home I noticed that my rear brakes were feeling kind of ragged, and when I investigated more closely I realized the whole damn wheel was out of true. This was enough to ruin both the “enjoy the tailwind” plan and the “get a new router” plan. I half walked, half rode the rest of the way home, knowing that I was most likely only making it worse. When I got home and got the wheel off the bike I realized the thing was just completely bent, and I didn’t have the tools to fix it. My mood plummeted, and my response, of course, was to angrily consume a box of microwave wontons. Good plan!