So, let’s be fair, here. I didn’t have the goals written in my sketchbook, but I did have them in the “about” page on this site. And I know I retooled that page a little when I was up for the Ignatz, and I don’t remember exactly what the first version said. But… if I remember, I think the most I said about weight loss was that if it happened, hooray, but that first and foremost, I wanted to stop hating my body.

I’ve been sitting here, worrying that I’m not worried enough about not losing weight, but essentially I’m meeting my goals. I mean, of course I’d love to lose some more weight. But my bridesmaid dress for my sister’s wedding came the other day, and it needs to be taken in. I pass myself in the mirror and I think “hey, not bad, lady” instead of “ugh, gross.” I pay pretty good attention to what I’m eating, and I know I’m eating much better than I used to. And I certainly haven’t gained any weight back. If I haven’t lost any more weight in a few months, that’s hardly a tragedy, right?

Anyway, this week is all about reexamining my goals and reassessing where I am with this whole thing. Get ready!