So, in looking back on this as I was drawing it, I kept thinking, wow, I really FEEL like I ate a lot more than this. I guess it’s possible I’ve forgotten some things, but I’m fairly certain this is accurate. It’s certainly accurate for today. Niles had off work, so we had a rare wonderful day together, we went to the farmer’s market, to the Boulangerie, we had a leisurely lunch and a pleasant dinner – for both meals I perused the menu for AGES before deciding that a salad was the tastiest sounding thing, so that’s a good sign. And now I’m finishing up this comic while he plays Tales of Vesperia. And I really want to watch him play that, so I’ll keep this short.

I ate a giant plate of gyro meat for lunch on Friday, which I think skewed me for the whole weekend. I cooked my first spaghetti squash this weekend. I roasted a bunch of cubed acorn squash with garlic and truffle oil, and I plan on having it in a salad with some blue cheese crumbles and walnuts later on this week. Probably with the fresh spinach we bought at the market today. I’ve also taken some more scallops out of the freezer and I think I’ll have them for dinner tomorrow.

I do want to spend this next week sort of re-examining my goals for Sauceome, but in the meantime, one thing is true: I REALLY LOVE FOOD. I probably love it even more than I did when I started this project. Among the awesome things in our kitchen right now are: lamb cured and smoked like bacon, white AND black truffle oils, brussels sprouts, romanesco, celery root, unagi, and many other wondrous things, and I can’t wait to cook and eat each one of them.