It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving if there weren’t massive amounts of food, right? I was pretty good though, and managed to only eat one plate of food. So much amazing food that the poor turkey (which was awesome in its own right) felt kind of secondary. I think my favorite was the brussels sprouts, but they were made by a professional chef so that’s a little unfair. :)

I called my folks on Thanksgiving, of course, and my mom and I were talking about days gone by… significantly, about how when I was a small child I was a very picky eater. I would sit at a huge Thanksgiving spread and only have a bread roll; or spend weeks eating nothing but yogurt or oatmeal for every meal. Times have changed! After all, my contribution to this potluck was the roasted root vegetables, parsnips, carrots and turnips roasted with garlic and onions and honey and spices.

I feel like I was shamed a lot for being picky as a kid. But taste buds evolve, they change as you grow older, and I don’t supposed you can help liking some foods and hating others. I could have been braver in trying things when I was younger, though. CSAs have gone a long way towards cultivating more adventurous taste buds for me, for sure. They give you all sorts of things that I would never consider buying in the grocery store – but if you don’t figure out how to cook them, they’ll go bad and then it’s just a waste.

Speaking of which, I have two little acorn squashes now! I am thinking about trying to make them into gnocchi, because apparently I like challenges.