You guys are the best. :) Thanks for the hugs and the patience! I am not crazy about what I chose to eat for dinner tonight, but I’m giving myself a little bit of a pass considering the last few days.

A hot bath and some purring kitties and your kind words and running into good friends at dinner yesterday have gone a long way towards healing my mood. :) And now, I have decided to challenge myself to eat as healthy and smart as possible over this long, food-centric holiday weekend. Speaking of which, we’re going to a potluck for Thanksgiving. Main dishes and desserts were all spoken for, I think, coz Niles signed us up to bring the side veggies. WHAT?!? I am rolling my eyes and thinking, how boring. Surely there is something exciting and tasty I can do with a bunch of root vegetables, guys, right? Anyone have any ideas? I know there are at least some parsnips and turnips in the kitchen right now.