I came home yesterday exhausted and kind of depressed, so Niles suggested Longman & Eagle for dinner. Did you know they have a Michelin star?? I had not heard about that. I can’t believe I live four tiny blocks away from a Michelin star’d restaurant.

Anyway it was, as always, magnificent. The amuse was chestnut bisque, with a bite of seared foie gras, topped with shaved black truffles. To start off we got the scallops and oxtail, and the ricotta gnuddi, which had changed from the menu, and I don’t remember what changed… I think they came with butternut squash and some kind of pear/fig jam? Niles got the skirt steak and I had a seriously insanely good pan-seared cod, it came on a bed of mushrooms in a watercress nage (I had to look up what a nage was) and was topped with a brandade (I knew what that one was) and a potato that was sliced so thinly and fried so well that it was pretty much transparent.

For dessert we shared the gruyere donuts, which was a gamble but might have been the standout of the whole meal. Little fritters of gruyere, served over a small amount of fancy maple syrup, with whipped citrus-infused goat cheese. “It’s more savory than sweet,” the waitress warned us, but honestly the goat cheese was crazy sweet and rich, and paired perfectly with the saltiness of the gruyere donuts. It was like the world’s fanciest PMS food. :)

So! Right after a post about not needing to eat with abandon anymore, right? Here’s the awesome thing about L&E though – the portions are small. No, not small, normal-sized, not like the giant troughs of food like you’ll get from most American restaurants. So I feel like I ate a whole lot. I certainly ate a lot of different things, but it was only a few bites of most of them. Quality over quantity. At any rate, I weighed myself this morning and I had actually lost a pound from yesterday. Hooray! I’m going to write the Longman & Eagle weight loss diet. :) Lose weight while eating small amounts of the awesomest things. It may bankrupt you, but you will be happy.