This was a conversation I had with Niles a few months ago, sitting right here at this computer, probably uploading a comic like I am right now. I was whining to him that I couldn’t gorge myself anymore, I guess. It made sense at the time? I don’t know what made me think of it this morning, but I realized, huh, I don’t actually miss that anymore. I don’t have a longing anymore to sit down and eat til it hurts. It used to sound awesome. Then, it started sounding like it would feel temporarily awesome, and unpleasant afterwards. These days, it just sounds unpleasant. Period.

It’s kind of like, as I get older, getting drunk doesn’t sound that good to me anymore. A little toasty, sure, but really drunk? It sounds a lot more unpleasant to me now than it did when I was 22.

Anyway, it’s just one more satisfying little shift. I really love these little signs that I’m on the right track, that my habits and attitude are actually changing, no matter how slowly.

Incidentally, I found three different contested spellings for the Wayne’s World flashback sound effect. The OED needs to standardize that yesterday, am I right?