Mmmm goat cheese. This one was inspired partially by Lucy Knisley’s incredible cheese shirt (I can’t find a good link for it, but it is one of Niles’s most treasured possessions) and partially by a desire to draw a goat, because I think they’re pretty.

In case you couldn’t tell from my work salads, I am a big fan of goat cheese. Have I mentioned that Niles is a cheesemonger? So we have access to lots of awesome cheeses. Goat cheese is lower fat, lower calories, and lower cholesterol than cow’s milk cheeses, and it just tastes so amazing. I would keep a pygmy goat if I could, and milk it, and make my own goat cheese. Its little hooves would go clip clop clip clop on our floors, and the kitties would snuggle up with it. (In my imaginary ideal world, where I’m allowed to have a pygmy goat in the apartment, it is possible to litter train pygmy goats, and also stop them from chewing on everything. I have chickens in that imaginary world too, and they are quiet and smell nice and don’t poop everywhere, and lay just enough eggs for me to eat for breakfast every day.)

Oh hey I just got a letter!

Dear future-Sarah:
Remember how if you keep this thing up WHILE you are eating things all weekend long, instead of putting the whole page off until Sunday night, you make better choices? Remember how you say that to yourself EVERY Sunday night? Maybe this weekend, try doing that and see what happens.
Love, past-Sarah

Hmmm. Past-Sarah makes a good point. Ok, present-Sarah. Let’s stay on top of drawing the food we eat all weekend long this time and see what happens.