Sorry for the delay! I was super busy last night, what with trying out a new video game and watching the Walking Dead premier. :)

So, I think I want to spend this week talking about body dysmorphic disorder. It’s kind of an overly dramatic way to describe what’s been going on in my head, what goes on in so many of our heads, but I’m having a hard time finding anything more accurate. I mean, in my case, my faulty self-perception hasn’t kept me from having a job and friends and a social life, but it certainly ended a few romantic relationships, and kept me from attending a party or two in the past. Check this out:

“People with BDD say that they wish that they could change or improve some aspect of their physical appearance even though they are generally of normal or even highly attractive appearance.”

“BDD is often misunderstood as a vanity-driven obsession, whereas it is quite the opposite; people with BDD do not believe themselves to be better looking than others, but instead feel that their perceived “defect” is irrevocably ugly or not good enough.”

Sounds about right, yeah? So stay tuned, it’s body dysmorphia week at Sauceome! :D