I made risotto and ate it and drank wine with a friend instead of drawing you a comic. Forgive me? :)

Actually, you know what’s interesting – whenever I am too tired to scan and upload the comic at night at my house, I do it in the office, where it automatically scans to a folder called “ZAFTIG.” In the early days, that’s what I was going to call this project, Zaftig. It’s a testament to where my brain is these days that I now think that name is terribly inappropriate and kind of embarrassing. I went with Sauceome, well, because I already had the domain name. :D So there you have it, laziness ended up being the wiser choice in the long run!

Since I kind of cheesed out on the comic last night, I leave you with two presents. Firstly, Niles made a food diary for you, to highlight the contrasting nature of our diets. This isn’t his food from yesterday (he ate the same risotto I did) but it is (in his words) an aggregate, a generic sample of what he consumes. That entire BBQ chicken pizza doesn’t usually happen until, say, 10pm.

Your other present is from Lucy Knisley, do you know her work, she is exceedingly talented. :) If you go here, and scroll down to 10.22, you can see her extremely flattering picture of me and our cats!