Dinner party! Man, do I love drawing food. It’s almost as awesome as eating it. This is just a small portion of the awesome spread we had on Friday. Is there anything more wonderful than sharing a great meal with some of your favorite people? If there is, I sure haven’t found it.

Speaking of how great food is, we went to Pho 888 for lunch today, and I had a very tasty bowl full of barbecue beef, vermicelli rice noodles, sprouts, carrots, cucumber, lettuce, peanuts, and all manner of wonderful things. And then I came home and made myself a tasty salad with giant mushrooms and onions and some grilled beef from our meat CSA. And then of course I ate the last piece of Jeremy’s pumpkin ice cream cheesecake. Well, at least it was the last piece, it can’t tempt me anymore. I’m telling you, availability is the key. If there is cake in the house I will eventually eat it. If there’s not, well, I’m just too lazy to go outside looking for cake.