Once again I waited until Sunday night to draw the entire weekend’s food. I really need to stop doing that.

Dinner party Friday night! It was great. It will probably be tomorrow’s cartoon. Jeremy brought a pumpkin ice cream cheesecake – and left it in our freezer – that I apparently can’t stop eating. That part’s not good. It tastes AMAZING, but it leaves me feeling heavy and also thirsty. Why do I keep going back for it? Well, it’s almost gone, maybe Niles will do me a favor and finish it off tonight.

I made a loaf of bread a few weekends ago that was just horrible. I really suck at bread. Anyway, the brick was sitting in the fridge because I couldn’t bear to throw it away, and this morning I decided to turn it into a bread pudding. It’s edible now! Hooray.

Anyway. Once again I find myself on a Sunday night, thinking, I sure didn’t eat as well as I hoped to this weekend, time to step up our efforts for the week.