I’m trying not to let myself really dwell on the three pounds, since every time I’ve lost a little weight I manage to feel crappy about my body somehow. Makes no sense at all. The brain, she is a mystery.

Anyway, so don’t let the little smoke monster know, because he’ll only ruin it.

But seriously! Right before we left, I was down to 193. Which will be amazing if it lasts. Every time I’ve tried to lose weight, I’ve ended up plateauing right around 15 pounds before rebounding. If this is my pattern, that I lose a little, plateau for a while, and then lose some more, that’s good information to have. And if I’ve managed to break my 15 pounds barrier, well, so much the better.

And like the comic says, I only managed to gain one pound back in San Francisco, mostly due to the fact that we walked everywhere. Lots of big hills there, I don’t know how the cyclists there do it! And while it made my feet hurt to walk so much, it was really nice to get some exercise that wasn’t on the bike, move some other muscles around. I love my bike, but I could certainly use some more variety every now and then.