Ugh, whose suggestion was it to put Lush bath bombs in the fridge and pantry? You are a genius, and I could have used that tonight. We’re back from San Francisco, and it’s always hard to come back to work after a trip, but especially when you’re diving right back into a huge stressful project. Fortunately I was able to get away to my yoga class tonight, but I had to battle some nasty winds on the bike to get there. And then my yoga teacher noticed that my breathing wasn’t as full as it usually is, which just made me focus MORE on being stressed out.

And, ok, the marble rye is from La Boulangerie, and it’s delicious. And yes, I had a pretty healthy lunch, so at least I’m not feeling TOO horrible about it.

But you know what I think the secret is? EASY ACCESS. Right now, there are no greens in the fridge. (full disclosure: there is chard. I do not like chard. At all.) If there were some fresh leafy greens in there, I would have summoned the energy to make a salad. And by the time I pulled the bag out of the fridge, I would have convinced myself to grill up some mushrooms or defrost the shrimp in the freezer or hell, even poach an egg to put on top. I would have spent 30 minutes to an hour constructing that salad, and I would have felt good about it. But there weren’t any greens, and the easiest thing to grab was bread and peanut butter. I suppose I should be glad there aren’t any cookies in the house tonight, or I’d have eaten those.