Ok, last one, I promise. Saturday, after the con closed and before Isotope’s party, we walked up to Haight street to seek out Rosamunde Sausage Grill. It kills me a little that we left Chicago and found a sausage joint in San Francisco, but it was worth it. The duck and fig sausages were the standout for me. I didn’t get to try the pheasant, but Niles also got a chicken sausage smoked with tequila and habanero peppers which he really loved. You can get them piled high with grilled onions, peppers, or sauerkraut, and they come wrapped in delicious french rolls that are cooked on the grill right next to the dogs. It was a small storefront with only a few seats (I thought Hot Doug’s was small!) but you could also take your meal next door to the Toronado for a beer. Unfortunately for us, Toronado was packed as well. Stupid Saturday night! But we still had a good meal and a good beer.

And thus ends my paean to all the tasty food I ate in San Francisco. Fortunately for my adventures on the scale, we also walked everywhere while we were there. :) Back to business as usual tomorrow, guys!