Our internet has been spotty this evening, so I’ll try to keep this brief, but here’s the beginning of me catching up on Sauceomes drawn during our trip to San Francisco. Bear with me, because they’re ALL FOOD. I spent too much time selling comics and eating great things this weekend to have any time left over to worry about how I looked or felt. :)

But! So! evening the first. We booked a hotel near the Isotope comics lounge, and after we checked in we stopped by the shop to see if James Sime, proprietor, wanted any copies of the Ouija Interviews. He did! Hooray! So then we asked if he had any recommendations for food in the area, and he had MANY, a large and impressive and overwhelming list, and at the end of it he mentioned Sauce, and said he was headed over there, and asked if we wanted to tag along, so we did.

Sauce was AMAZING. Hands down, the best food we ate during our trip, and we ate a lot of incredible things. The “tater tots” were whipped, so they had more of a gnocchi-like texture than a real tater tot. The mushrooms were almost indescribably good. The butterfish melted in your mouth. It was great. On top of that, they were sampling out something called an Australian caviar lime, which was unlike anything I’d ever had before. “Nature’s pop rocks,” the chef said, as he squeezed some out of a rind onto a small spoon. The texture was like, well, caviar. Or masago maybe. But the taste was sweet lime; the little tiny vesicles burst open as you bite down, it almost feels carbonated.

Sauce reminded me a lot of our own neighborhood gastropub, Longman & Eagle. They even have a handful of inn rooms above the restaurant just like L&E is building. We might have to stay there the next time we visit. :)