Maybe this much green will make up for how little green there was over the weekend?

This salad recipe is also very good with mango, or probably almost any fruit. It’s also good with goat cheese. I know, you’re saying, but Sarah, I have been told never to mix shellfish with cheese! Well, firstly never say never. And secondly, goat cheese is good with almost anything. Oh! It’s also delicious with Mango Wasabi sauce, which I found accidentally in a Jewel-Osco one day. I really need to get some more of that stuff. But in the meantime, you can mix a little bit of olive oil, honey and wasabi together to make a good impromptu dressing.

(WHOA I just noticed the Pineapple Wasabi on that page, I’m going to need to get me some of that)

So it’s been a lot of salads lately! I’m surprised at how it doesn’t feel like I’m depriving myself of anything, but I am getting a little bored. I actually wanted to make chili tonight, but I was just too tired after yoga. And I’ve got plans tomorrow so… Friday? Maybe? I also have a cute little acorn squash in the fridge that wants to be made into something soon. I’m thinking risotto right now. Unless you guys have some ideas? (there’s a sweet potato in there too, and some parsnips, I’m open to suggestions…)