Nothing like harshing a good mood by thinking it into the ground.

Once, when I was in college, they brought a hypnotist in to the campus for a performance. I didn’t go up on stage at any point, but a few times during the performance he offered to hypnotize anyone in the audience who wanted it. A group hypnotism, of sorts. I tried to go under, I tried to get hypnotized, but every time I started to sink into it, the wheels in my brain would start turning: “OH so THIS is what it feels like to be hypnotized,” I thought, and immediately woke up out of it. The brain, she is a chatty organ.

What I need to find is a way to shut her up sometimes. There’s no need to hyperanalyze a good mood, to dissect it and rip it apart until it’s dead. It should just be allowed to be a good mood, for as long as it wants to be.

Interestingly, the taco salad at Rocking Horse is significantly different from the taco salad at Small Bar. Not in materials, but in construction and arrangement. Still delicious though.

HEY, do you guys know Corinne Mucha? She is an awesome talented artist and a good friend and we often try to get booths next to each other at comic conventions. Her roommate Kate is one of the finalists to live in the Museum of Science and Industry for 30 days!! Doesn’t that sound like fun? She has to win first though, so if you have a moment go and vote for Kate here!