So, I work in a very very small office, and we eat lunch together. It’s very, very rare that we ever eat lunch separately. Which means that what I eat for lunch is not always up to me. Just being determined to eat a healthy salad for lunch doesn’t mean we won’t go to Indian buffet, or Thai, or Cuban sandwiches. And, at the risk of sounding like a robot, I value the social gains I get from eating together more than I value a low calorie count. Plus, La Unica’s Cuban sandwich is super awesome. I have no regrets.

Besides which, I think I made up for it with dinner. I’m very pleased with my improvised dinner tonight. I didn’t have a whole lot of lettuce left, not enough for a whole salad anyway. I ran across the street to my local bodega, but their salad was pretty cruddy looking. So I came home, roasted a bunch of garlic in the oven, and grilled up some sweet onions and a catfish burger patty I found in the freezer, and drizzled the whole thing with just a touch of spicy Japanese mayonnaise. It was really amazingly tasty.

Anyway, the point of it all is, I think I’m getting better at a few things. Notably: not beating myself up over bad choices. If I wish I had eaten a little better, just do better next time. Had a Cuban sandwich for lunch? Have fish and greens for dinner. There’s no point in dwelling on it, especially since that usually just makes me try to drown my sad in more food.

HEY! So. If any of you are in Chicago, I am in a band. I play accordion in that band, because just making comics wasn’t QUITE nerdy enough for me. Anyway, the band is playing a show this coming Saturday at my local watering hole, the Small Bar in Logan Square. It’s free! You should come!