Ah well, another weekend where I’m not crazy about how it went. Many moons ago, towards the beginning of this project, I was telling someone that when I got to the end of the day and was coloring my page, I would get disappointed if I wasn’t using any green. And here we are, a full three days of no green. Ok, to be fair, there was some lettuce on the shrimp tacos, but still. Just a series of choices that could have been better ones. I’ll take it as progress that I’m not beating myself up about it, at least. And I’m already making my grocery list for office lunches this week; we’ll get back on track right away.

Also, I spent some time this weekend working on an upcoming Sauceome Recipe book for you! Drawing my brother’s (nearly) vegetarian chili recipe made me really, really, really want some chili. I might have to make some this week. :)