The Small Bar, my local watering hole, has a taco salad and a southwestern chicken salad. Both are pretty great. The taco salad has some cheese and a spoon of sour cream on top; the southwestern chicken salad has neither of those, but it does have black beans and corn. Last night, the new cook “accidentally” put corn and beans on my taco salad, effectively making it the best of all possible salads. Nice try new guy, I see you trying to curry favor with me. (it’s working, more please)

My yoga class is now on Wednesday nights, and Marianna came with me, and we went to the Small Bar together afterwards and met up with my brother, and we sat outside under the lights and the hops vines. It was a very pleasant evening. I didn’t give much thought to the comic, so I apologize if it’s a little dumb and boring. I feel like there might be a small flood of some more emotional stuff coming very soon, it’s just taking me a little while to process it.