So, here’s a pretty typical office salad for me. Thank the gods for that office hot plate, huh? You’d be surprised what you can do with one of those. I made scallops on it last week.

A few notes:
1) I don’t know why anyone feels candied walnuts are necessary, because walnuts are awesome on their own.
2) GOAT CHEESE RULES. It is the best. Although, I made today’s lunch salad with avocado instead. AVOCADO ALSO RULES.
3) Portobello mushrooms are pretty great raw too, but if you sautee them lightly they get all smoky and meaty.
4) RE: Champagne vinaigrette. I spent 10 minutes at the store the other day staring at the salad dressings. The low calorie ones all have high fructose corn syrup and multisyllabic chemical thinges in them, and the non-low-calorie dressings seem like I might as well be pouring melted butter on my salads. It was a puzzle, so I decided to just make my own vinaigrette. Champagne vinaigrette is super tasty and pretty easy to make. I use about 1 part vinegar – you can use champagne vinegar, white wine vinegar, or even rice vinegar – 1 part olive oil, 1 part Dijon mustard and 1 part honey, plus some ground black pepper. You can adjust any of it to taste. The only problem I usually have is making just the right amount instead of way too much. Anyway, it’s hardly fat free, but at least I know what all the ingredients are.