Niles’s Aunt Claudia is in town, and we met her and her coworker at Revolution Brewing for dinner. I wasn’t crazy hungry, so I got the mussels, but they defeated me anyway. I think I managed to eat all but one. They were delicious! They have a more traditional mussels option too, but I picked the blue cheese and Fuji apples one, and I have no regrets.

You know, for someone who loves seafood as much as I do, I sure live far from any ocean. Sigh. Heavy, heavy sigh. Still, tonight’s mussels were fantastic.

I used to really dread going out to eat when I was trying to eat better or watch my weight, because it seemed so hard to eat out and eat healthy at the same time. But restaurants are getting better at offering healthier options, and I certainly have access to some of the best restaurants living where I do. Claudia got an amazing looking bowl of lentils and winter veggies, with asparagus, parsnip, and roasted carrot ginger sauce. I nearly got the goat cheese croquette arugula salad, but the mussels sounded better to me at the time. And sure, they’re in a tasty butter sauce with some blue cheese, but for the most part it’s just a bowl of low-fat, low-cholesterol protein, and the sauce is thin enough that you don’t eat much of it. I think my point is, there are always some healthier things to choose when you’re dining out.

Except at Applebee’s, apparently.

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